Welcome to DIS of Sweden

Welcome to DIS!

DIS is a nonprofit organization with the purpose of investigating and developing the possibilities to use computers in genealogy. We are probably one of the world's oldest societies for Computer Genealogy.

Our main web site, www.dis.se, is not translated to English. This small web site will help you to find the resources we can offer.

For a start, you may want to take a look at our new design of Disbyt, our database that helps you in finding Swedish ancestors and genealogists who are researching them. Here is a simple and brief introduction to Disbyt's new interface with explanation of some new features.
English (and other language) genealogy excerpts are sent to:
Charlotte Börjesson
tel: +46 31 47 80 93
e-mail to Charlotte Börjesson

Some of our self-developed tools for genealogists
Dispos, our shortcut into the Swedish sources.
Discount is a database that will show you historical name statistics.
Disgen, our genealogy program useful for collecting, maintaining and presenting your research. However, only available in Swedish.

Here are a number of other links that you may find useful:

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